Clever Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Empty toilet paper rolls usually land in the trash can but you may think twice before tossing them after you see all of these clever home décor pieces and paper crafts. Each and every one of these projects were made using empty toilet paper rolls. You can also use gift wrapping tubes if the tubes aren’t too thick.
You may have to look twice at some of these. A few of these look like those gorgeous, and not to mention expensive, wrought iron wall pieces that hang on the wall.
Here is a list of awesome toilet paper roll crafts along with links to the tutorials. Some of the sites are not in English but Google Translate will kick in when you click on the links. Enjoy!


First off is this beautiful faux metal wall art tutorial I found at Suzy’s Artsy Crafty Sitcom! I still can’t believe I am looking at empty toilet paper rolls. These look hard to make but the tutorial is wonderful and explains everything in detail and has photos too.
Faux Metal Wall Art  from Toilet Paper Rolls


Look at this wreath I found at Noisy Pitta which was inspired by another beautiful toilet paper roll wreath (pictured below) plus the tutorial at Creative Jewish Mom.
Both of these wreathes are lovely. I love the design, it looks like several flowers are connected together. If you would like to make one of these, visit the Creative Jewish Mom link above to see her tutorial.
toilet paper roll wreath
toilet paper roll wreath
toilet paper roll wreath Source


I found these at Living Locurto which originally came from Decoideas, a Spanish site. I am in LOVE with these toilet paper roll owls. The link should activate Google Translate so you should have no problem reading.
I can’t believe how CUTE these owls are!!! The lovely mom at Decoideas is very talented. There isn’t a tutorial but she says she used markers.. I love the details she made on the owls using the black marker. What an amazing artist! I think this may be my most favorite one out of the bunch.
Toilet Paper Owls


Here is a sort of free form piece of wall art made using empty toilet paper rolls. It looks very nice mounted over the book case.
This craft is an eco kids craft. It is to help encourage parents and teachers to make crafts out of recycled materials. I love it!
wall art from toilet paper rolls


Look at these super cute party favors made from empty toilet paper rolls I found at Crissy’s Crafts! She actually has a few different sets of them and they are all just as cute as the one pictured.
One set is specifically for teachers. The tutorial is great with lots of photos plus whichever ones you decide to make, she has free printable labels to match it! These are some of the cutest party favors I’ve ever seen 🙂
toilet paper roll party favors


This one I found at a Hungarian site called Crescent and Lavender. This wall art looks amazing to me! I love the dark color of it and the scrolling flower shapes. Be sure to visit the link for the nice photo illustrated tutorial.
wall decor from toilet paper rolls


I’m all about faux flowers, especially ones made from paper. I am so happy to have run across this one made from empty toilet paper rolls. I think it looks amazing! I love how the flowers have that spiraled look to them. The finished wreath is painted white but I think I may like it better unpainted. To me, it has a sort of rustic look to it.
See how this was made at Proverbs 31 Life.
Toilet Paper Roll Wreath


This is a stunning wreath made from toilet paper rolls that I found at Ivaalex. I wonder if the empty toilet paper rolls are a bit thicker there than they are here. The thicker look and dark color really makes this look like a heavy iron piece. I LOVE IT!!!
toilet paper roll wreath


How about this pretty white canvas wall art I found at Just a Girl. It was made by gluing the toilet paper roll pieces on the canvas. This is one you could really get creative with. You could do your own design and color it whichever color you want. This one looks so pretty above the headboard.
toilet paper roll art


Leap Into Art has a tutorial for these cute party crackers/ party favors. They are basically little tubes of candies, small gifts or whatever you want to put in them, all wrapped up and embellished in pretty paper which is tied at both ends.
What’s a real cracker?
I’ve been seeing these DIY “crackers” around a lot lately so I looked up exactly what a party cracker is and apparently, they are very popular in England through Christmas time. They are tubes that have candies or goodies in them which are wrapped in colored paper and when two people pulled on them something inside would crack or make a bang inside.
toilet paper roll party crackers


Another one from Suzy’s Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom! Look at this gorgeous faux metal filigree frame. I bet it really makes a statement in the room.
I am very impressed by the intricate shapes the toilet paper rolls were made into. I’m impressed at how sturdy it is to be able to hold the weight of the frames. Be sure to visit the link for the tutorial.
faux metal filigree frame


How cute is this for a little girls craft! I couldn’t resist sharing this one I found at Bo Bunny. It’s a simple tutorial complete with printable template for the wings.
toilet paper roll butterflies


I like the look of this and how the toilet paper rolls are glued together in such a way to embellish the door frame. The dark color really pops against the wall color. This makes me want to try to come up with a design to embellish the top of the door frame.
To see how she did it, go to Love People. Like Things.
toilet paper rolls door frame decor
toilet paper rolls door frame decor | Source


The Frugal Mom shared a tutorial on how to make this cute gift card holder. What a cute way to present a gift card! Go and see how she did it!
P.S. Be sure to check out the rest of her site- great stuff there!
toilet paper roll gift card holder
toilet paper roll gift card holder | Source
toilet paper roll picture frame
toilet paper roll picture frame | Source


CraftCraver has a great tutorial on how to make this picture frame made from empty toilet paper rolls. Be sure to click on the toilet paper roll craft slide show link to see great photo illustrations of each of the steps. I love the way it looks with the gold spray paint.


This set of canvas wall art is really amazing. The sky is the limit as far as all the different designs and colors that you can use. I love how she used real branches. See how it was made at Revolutionaries.
P.S. You can buy sets of canvas at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby fairly inexpensive especially if you use the weekly 50% off coupon.
toilet paper roll wall art
toilet paper roll wall art | Source


How about making a tag card and envelop set from empty toilet paper rolls! I found a great tutorial at girltalk. This is another easy project that shouldn’t take too long to make.
Tag Card and Envelope Set
Tag Card and Envelope Set | Source


Lady with the Red Rocker has a great photo illustrated tutorial for this DIY Vent/Grate Cover. Isn’t this nice? It looks like real iron that has been painted white and kind of weathered. It has that sort of shabby chic look to it. I think it’s amazing.
toilet paper roll vent cover
toilet paper roll vent cover | Source


Here are some napkin holders I found made from empty toilet paper rolls at Boy, Oh, Boy, Oh Boy! I love faux flowers and gingham patterns so to me these look fabulous. Click on the link to see how she made them.
I also found another set of toilet paper roll napkin holders with the tutorial at Rustic Crafts and Chic Décor. I couldn’t help but share it as I love the rustic look too.
toilet paper roll napkin rings
toilet paper roll napkin rings | Source
toilet paper roll napkins rings
toilet paper roll napkins rings | Source


Here is a small scrapbook made of toilet paper rolls made by Pearl via Write Online Article. I have seen these little books before around the internet and they are so cute though I don’t know if those were made from toilet paper rolls. This is a very simple and easy paper craft.
toilet paper roll scrapbook
toilet paper roll scrapbook | Source


How about some of these cute glitzy sequin or rhinestone firecrackers to decorate your home for the 4th of July?! They are very easy to make and the kids would have fun helping glue all the sequins or rhinestones on. The tutorial is for sequin firecrackers but the jeweled firecrackers are made the same way. Just use rhinestones instead of the sequins.
Here’s the tutorial…have fun!
I hope you have enjoyed this toilet paper roll craft round-up! Start saving those empty toilet paper rolls!!
 jeweled firecrackers
jeweled firecrackers | Source
sequin firecrackers

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